Coupling of ground and surface water flows

Using integrated waterway linkage (surface water coupling) SPRING allows yield balancing of exchange volumes between surface and groundwater. The approach limits the see page volume for dry and non-perennial surface water stretches to the volume of water entering the stretch from upstream water courses or external discharges.

Automatic determination/checking of flow direction

Automatic coupling of surface water branches/stretches

Surface-groundwater interaction via a leakage approach

SPRING determines the interaction between surface and groundwater using water levels and leakage coefficients.
Additional parameter like the ratio of in-/ex-filtration capacity, limitations on minimal or maximum exchange volumes as well as the detachment of surface water bodies can be optionally considered to allow a more detailed description of the interaction.

Parameterisation of surface-groundwater interaction using water levels and leakage coefficients.
All optional boundary conditions can be combined!

Calculation of leakage effects under consideration of ex- and infiltration rates(optional)

Limitation of exchange volumes (optional)

Limitation of detachment of surface water bodies (optional)

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