Eingangsparameter zur Berechnung der Neubildungsraten (verfahrensabhängig)

Groundwater recharge rates

Groundwater recharge is a sensitive and significant parameter for any model calibration, which therefore requires special attention. SPRING offers a variety of approaches and methodologies to calculate stationary (steady-state) or transient groundwater recharge rates.
After definition of the input parameter – depending on the chosen method e.g. precipitation, climatic zone, soil type, land use or sealed surface area – the corresponding program module calculates the spatial and/or temporal distribution of groundwater recharge for the entire model domain or selected areas/zones.

SPRING offers a variety of approaches and methods to calculate steady-state or transient groundwater recharge rates (SCHROEDER & WYRWICH, MEßER97, RUBINFLUX, Bodenwasserbilanz).

Calculated groundwater recharge rates for a zone (table)

Distribution of calculated average groundwater recharge rates

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