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Stochastic generation of discrete fractures and faults

As a result of high flow velocities, fractures and faults are the dominant transport pathways for contaminant and heat transport in fractured rocks. SPRING uses matrix diffusion to couple the fast advective transport in the fractures and faults with the slow diffusive transport of solutes in the surrounding rock matrix.
SPRING offers a specialised function for the stochastic generation of discrete fractures. All fracture specific flow and transport processes are integrated into the model, and unlimited numbers of lithological layers with different fracture properties can be combined.

Reactive contaminant transport

SPRING offers an interface to the software program MIN3P to enable modelling of reactive contaminant transport in the unsaturated zone.
1. Extraction of a vertical cross-section from a 3D-flow model
2.Transferring the vertical cross-section into MIN3P (Mayer 2010)
3. Geochemical reaction model
4. Calculation of reactive contaminant transport for a nonconservative solute within the aquifer
5. Modelling results

Mine flooding

The simulation of rebounding water tables in (for example) mine flooding problems poses special challenges to numerical models, which must accurately account for the physical interaction between the flooded voids and the surrounding aquifer. SPRING offers an integrated, powerful box-model for these problems, allowing simple and accurate parameterisation of flooded voids.

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