Outcropping geological units

Outcropping geological units are supported by the automatic merging of finite element layers in (vertical) 2-D and 3-D models. This feature allows the accurate representation of complex geological and topographic features. A significant reduction in node and element numbers, especially in locally-refined mesh, ensures optimised CPU times whilst the merging of element layers maximises numerical stability.

Geological unit:

Mittlerer Buntsandstein/Kreuznacher Schichten




Coupling an de-coupling of local mesh / subdomains

SPRING can generate locally-refined models within a regional model to optimise updates, or to allow mesh refinement or scenario calculations.

Integration of tunnels and mine voids

A wizard allows tunnels and mine voids to be quickly and easily integrated into 3-D models. Potential changes in element layers or topography are automatically recognised, ensuring the realistic representation of tunnels and voids.

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