Calculation of Streamlines'

Stationary and transient flow fields or fluxes can be visualised through the automatic calculation of streamlines by SPRING.
The depiction of mass fluxes can be scaled by the user. Travel times can be optionally shown along with stream lines.

Visualisation of schlieren

Catchment areas of surface waters or abstraction boreholes can be determined quickly and reliably by showing “schlieren”. The flow paths are determined using flow velocities within the calculated groundwater potential field and visualised intuitively using schlieren.
Using colouration of schlieren, an additional parameter like topography or temperature can be visualised.

Transport calculations with inverted flow

The calculation of contaminant transport utilising the inverted flow field allows the accurate determination of catchment areas under consideration of advective and dispersive-/diffusive- processes.

The applied methodology allows calculating the probability of a water particle arriving in an abstraction borehole or surface water. While conventional methods of velocity tracing do only partially (if at all) allow to reflect local heterogeneities, SPRING’s dispersive term technique enables an accurate representation thereof.




Determination of the catchment area (white) for a surface water, colouration of potential field.

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