Cost-effective dimensioning of geothermal energy plants.

When planning major geothermal plants, considerable expenses are incurred for the required exploration measures right from the beginning. Because of dynamic criteria such as inhomogeneities of the underground or cyclic strains of the plant, the dimensioning of the plant is often not exactly predictable.
The additional safety requirements for designing a geothermal plant are quite high – the costs will “explode”.

Regardless of whether wells, collectors or probes are used, the innovative software system SPRING offers specialised tools to evaluate a site for general suitability, competing utilisation interests and geothermal plant monitoring.
SPRING enables the planning, dimensioning and optimisation of modern geothermal plants for heating or cooling – from a single family home to large-scale industrial plants.

Visualised within the finite element mesh: Earth probes for cooling and/or heating of buildings as part of a near surface geothermal project.

Visualisation of simulation results for an injection-extraction cycle.

Visualisation of the spatial cooling effects as a result of earth probe field/heat exchanger.

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